Hook Vs Nail

When considering your choice of slate, you should also consider the most suitable method of fixing.
Slate hooks offer a viable, perhaps even preferable choice over traditional nails in many situations.

Both fixing methods have their advantages and disadvantanges, as shown in the table below. Slatescape recommend the use of Hook fixing for our Lovat Slates (Brazilian Grey-Green) and our Cinero Slates (Brazilian Graphite-Grey).

Hook Fixing

Nail Fixing

Hook Nail
Yes Reduces stress on thin or brittle slate varieties No
High Level of resistance to wind lift Moderate
Yes* Suitable for low pitch roofs No
Yes Long-lasting Yes
No Slates require holing on-site Yes = labour costs
Yes Retains slates that break along width No
Yes Broken slates are easy to replace No
Yes Works with narrow slates No
Partially Visible on finished roof No

*Crimped hooks (which reduce the capillary rise of water at the perpendicular joints between slates) can be used to a minimum pitch of 25 degrees, straight hooks can be used to a minimum pitch of 30 degrees. Always ensure you install to BS 5534 standards and guidance, and seek professional advice upon the suitability for your specific installation requirements

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