Blue-Black slate with a distinctive riven, textured surface, resulting in a stylish finish.


SS08F First : 5mm
Sizes (cm) 50 x 25
Guarantee 100 years
SS81 Standard : 5-6mmm
Sizes (cm) 50 x 25
Guarantee 50 years
SS82H Heavy : 8mm
Sizes (cm) 50 x 25
Guarantee 75 years

Technical Specification

European Standard EN 12326-1
British Standard BS 680 PART 2
French Specifications NF 228-02/01/01
Belgian Specifications ATG H848

Test Results

SO2 Exposure Test Complies S1
Thermal Cycle Test Complies T1
Water Absorption Complies W1
Contents of Carbonate Complies <2%

Slatescape Melano